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Biography of Abbott Pattison

Education and Experience:

Graduate of Yale College, 1937 B.A.
Yale School of Fine Arts, 1939 B.F.A.
Lived and worked in China and Japan, 1940
US Navy, 1942-45, Served as Captain of Destroyer Escort and P.C. Sub-Chaser
Instructor Art Institute School, 1946-52
Worked in France, 1950-51
Visiting Sculptor, University of Georgia, 1953
Sculptor in Residence, Univ. of Georgia, 1954
Teacher of Sculpture, Skowhegan Summer Art School, 1955-56
Worked in Florence, Italy 1955-56 and frequently thereafter


Art Institute of Chicago
Metropolitan Museum
Whitney Museum
Pennsylvania Academy
Oakland Museum
Univ. of Notre Dame
Birmingham Museum
San Francisco Museum
Cali. Palace of the Legion of Honor
Cincinnati Museum
Feingarten Galleries, Los Angeles
Fairweather-Hardin Gallery, Chicago
Wellfleet Art Gallery
Georgia State Museum
Univ. of Miami
Univ. of Pittsburgh
Bates College
Colby College
8 One-man shows in New York City (formerly represented by Downtown Gallery)


1939 First Travelling Fellowship, Yale Univ.
1942 Logan Prize, Art Institute of Chicago
1946 Eisendrath Prize, Art Institute of Chicago
1950 and 1953 Pauline Palmer Prize (sculpture), Art Institute of Chicago
1951 Metropolitan Museum $1500 Award in 1st Contemporary American Sculpture Show
1963 Prize International Sculpture Show, Bundy Museum, Vermont
1968 Clussman Prize: Art Institute of Chicago
and others

Permanent Museum Collections:

Whitney Museum
Art Institute of Chicago
Israeli State Museum
Chrysler Museum
Portland Museum
Corcoran Museum
San Francisco Museum
California Palace of the Legion of Honor
Addison Gallery, American Art
St. Louis Museum
Phoenix Museum
St. Paul Art Center
La Jolla Art Center
Evansville, Indiana Museum
Davenport Museum
Davenport Museum of Fine Arts
Palm Springs Desert Museum
Wichita Museum
Flint Institute of Arts
Farnsworth Museum


Johnson Wax Company
Meninger Foundation
Hirschorn Collection
Nathan Cummings Collection
Leigh Block Collection
US State Department, twelve sculptures
Ravinia Park, Highland Park, IL
And others including many private collections in the US and Europe such as Buckingham Palace and the collection of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

College and Univ. Collections:

Holyoke College
Wells College
Stanford College
St. John's Univ.
Bates College
Thomas College, Maine
Connecticut College
Univ. of Chicago
Univ. of Minnesota
Syracuse Univ.
Univ. of Georgia
Northwestern Univ.
Univ. of Maine
Univ. of Notre Dame
Brandeis Univ.

Commissioned Sculpture:

The Mayo Clinic, Rochester
St. Thomas Academy, St. Paul, MN
Central National Bank of Cleveland
Palm Springs Spa Hotel
Stanford Univ. Medical Center
And others

Commissioned Works in Chicago Area:

Swift and Co.
Outer Drive East
3550 Lake Shore Dr.
3430 Lake Shore Dr.
4100 Marine Dr.
Chicago Public Library
Glenview Library
Northbrook Library
Francis W. Parker School
New Trier West High School
Univ. of Chicago
American Bar Center National Headquarters
St. Mary's Church, Lake Forest
Winnetka Congregational Church
Joseph Block Junior High School
Anshe Emet Synagogue
Culligan International
Griffith Laboratories
City of Chicago South District Filtration Plant